Actioning INBOUND Ideas with HubSpot and Texting

Sept 28, 2022

9am PT | 12pm ET

45 min

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At INBOUND we learned countless new ways to cultivate meaningful customer relationships. But to execute on those ideas, businesses using HubSpot need to reach customers where they are — on their phones and popular messaging channels. 

Join us for a live demo of Heymarket’s HubSpot text messaging integration. We’ll explore how to execute scaled text messaging campaigns using HubSpot Conversations, Lists, and Workflows — all without leaving the HubSpot platform.

We'll cover:

How to text customers from within HubSpot for marketing, sales, and customer service

Unique features for texting with HubSpot Conversations, 
Lists, and Workflows

How to quickly launch HubSpot texting to put post-INBOUND goals into practice


Giovanni Carrara

Solutions Architect


Learn how to execute conversational text messaging campaigns from  HubSpot


Hailey Colwell

Senior Content Marketing Manager


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